Au Bec Sucré

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By reservation only (1st of March to April 22nd in 2018)

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5677, chemin de l'Aéroport, Valcourt (Québec) J0E 2L0

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As our customers often say: ‘At last, a real sugar shack!‘ From fathers to sons, in the Desautels’ family, we like to boil sap to make our great maple syrup. Visitors discover a rustic sugar shack made of barn wood and a cordwood construction. The warm welcome, the traditional meal, folk music and first grade sugar taffy will make you say too:’ At last, a real sugar shack!’ Discovering Au Bec Sucré is to be in the centre of a sugar bush tapped with buckets, participating in the collection of the sap, visiting the area where the syrup is made, tasting the syrup and eating the syrup and the taffy on pure snow, enjoying a beautiful day with your family or with friends in nature!