Miellerie Réal Beaupré

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723, Rang 4, Kingsbury (Québec) J0B 1X0

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Our business started 30 years ago with 45 bee hives. We try to please our clientele which increases each year. With time, we first increased the number of bee hives to reach around 425. Since then, we have improved the honey house by modernising the equipment and separating installations by rooms: potting, extraction, office, melter cellar and modern kitchen. We prepare pure fruit honey strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and flavoured honeys: orange, peanut butter, carob, cinnamon and more. Our son works with us in the apiary. We deliver to stores and kiosks. This abandoned farm has become profitable due to the work, the perseverance and the passion of a man who believed in his dream!